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How To Make PNG Picture For Editing

How To Make PNG Picture

In This Tutorial We Will Explain You How To Create PNG Picture In Photoshop.  
Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool Allows You To of Your Picture With Just A Few Steps of The . In this tutorial, you Will Learn How to Create PNG Picture he Subject of Your Picture Disappear Into The Background.

1. Open Picture/Image
Open Picture/Image. Tap on Edit And Select The Image you Would Like to Use.

2. Choose Magic Eraser  
Choose Magic Erase. Tap on Tool and Select Area To erese. .....

3. Select Area to Clean Your Background
Click on picture to want remove background 
(Click Care Fully Because this tools choose automatic color for remove background)

4. Remove with Eraser and Confirm
Use Eraser tools to Apply the final touch for  Part of Your Image That You Wish To Make Disappear. If You Accidentally Erase A Part Of The Picture That You Did Not Want to Erase, Simply Switch To  Undo The Effect. When You Are Done.

5. Save Your Image 

Save Your Image (Save for Web) 
Select PNG-24 and save your  picture 

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